Farmers Market by the Lake & Bold Fabrics ~ What’s New & Todo

Today we’re visiting the Farmer’s Market by the Lake in Lake Olympia. We’ll also talk a bit about the use of bold colors and patterns on the fabrics in your home.

To Do: Farmer’s Market Partners

Our visit starts with a little history from Jill Argento, Co-Founder of Farmer’s Market Partners. She shares how the Lake Olympia Farmer’s Market got started.

Shortly after a presentation to the local HOA, Thomasine Johnson (owner of 2700 Lake Olympia Parkway) called. She loved the idea and wanted to talk about next steps.

Today, with the Farmer’s Market in full swing, Thomasine shares her love of the community in general. “It’s like a little secret” she says. Thomasine is an interior designer by trade, but has a Masters degree in community development. She’s always looking for ways to develop the community.

An important part of the community is of course children. With that in mind, they created the Young Sprouts Club where kids learn how to be entrepreneurs.

Check out The Farmer’s Market every first and third Saturday. Summer hours are from 9am-1pm. Also, be on the lookout for their app where you’ll be able to pre-purchase items from any vendor.

New: Fabrics in Your Home

Neutral colored fabrics are always a safe bet, but as with everything these days, bold fabrics are making a comeback. Specifically, big, bright and bold floral patterns.

Now if flower’s aren’t your thing, take a look at rich geometric patterns.

I really enjoyed visiting the Farmer’s Market at Lake Olympia. It was definitely worth waking up early to beat the heat. We’ll be back soon with more of What’s New and To Do.

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