BlendIn Coffee Club & Kitchen Colors ~ What’s New & Todo

Today we’re with Weihong Zhan, Co-Founder of BlendIn Coffee Club

With a PhD in Biochemistry it goes without saying that Mr. Zhan is an expert in coffee (brewing as well as drinking).

His passion started after going to an event where he tasted coffee from all over the world. A coffee from Kenya really amazed him. It opened his eyes, making him realize just how good coffee could be.

BlendIn Coffee Club opened in Sugar Land back in November of 2017. It’s home to a variety of freshly-roasted speciality coffees, and they guarantee that every cup will be fresh and delicious. Definitely visit them soon – taste for yourself!

Color is Making a Comeback in Kitchen appliances

Stainless steel has long been the go to for most kitchen appliances because it ‘s neutral color and clean lines, but color is making a comeback. Starting this summer, look for the variety of colors making their way to your dishwasher, range and refrigerator. My favorite color is Royal Blue. It ads the perfect contrast to whites, neutral tones, glass as well as stainless steel appliances.

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