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Hi there! Welcome to My Block hosted by Sarah MacInerney.

Sarah and husband, Mark (host of Lunch with Mark) have lived in Quail Valley for 8 years. As she and Mark decided to do some renovations, they had an important question ahead of them: should they stay in the house for the long haul? When the answer came back “yes,” the couple got to work.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you on your renovation project!

Fashion over Function

Do you want a home that is beautiful but not comfortable? Sarah and Mark choose comfort over rigid fashions. Creating a functional home also made their space a Family Home that can be shared with extended family, too.

Easy Renovating Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Sarah and Mark’s kitchen was completely redone to add more space and hide away counter-consuming appliances. And in the living room they opted for the massive sectional couch so the entire gang can hang out. In the dining room, you’ll find a massive dining room table to share an incredible meal with everyone, including the kids. If you head down to the bedrooms, you’ll find a spare bedroom that has been converted into a playroom for the kids.

Designing a Comfy Home With Black

Sarah’s favorite color is black…yet she wanted a comfy, family-friendly home. So, how did that work? Sarah found places to add in black without taking away the fun and cheery feel of her home. Black doors and black and white accents all over the house helped Sarah add in her favorite shade without overpowering the theme.

No Matter What You Do, Make Your Home Your Own

For our My Block show, we want to see how you create the space that you call Home. So, stay tuned to see next week’s episode featuring Nicole Pepper Homes. And, of course, don’t forget to reach out to Sarah to feature your home. (

See You Next Time!

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