Renting Your Golf Pad for Money!

Summer is upon us! I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to playing as many rounds of golf as I can! If you love golf as much as I do, I’m sure you’ve got the same idea in mind. But your summer plans should be more than just staying in and enjoying a nice round. You should go out and do some exploring…and while you’re gone, rent out your home for money!

Yes, you heard that right. There are sites out there that will allow you to rent your home out. And if you live by a golf course, like I do, you can get some serious cash for your pad. Check out my guide below!

Start By Giving Your Home a Golf Theme

If you read last month’s blog, I gave some really good tips on how to turn your home into a golf haven. Here’s a quick recap: Paint the walls of your living room, bathrooms, and bedrooms in similar colors as the course (silver, blue, white, green). Don’t forget to accent with golf accessories including throw pillows, encased golf balls, and other fun golf-themed décor you can find online. On the outside of your house, spend some extra time decorating with lawn furniture in fun summer colors and keep your lawn in tip top shape.

Setting the Right Price

Daily Rates

Setting a day rate can help you get the most bang for your buck. This will allow renters to choose which days and the amount of days they will need. Day rates can start as low as $40 a day and go up to $200, depending on the area of your home. The goal here is to stay competitive. Renters choose to rent from homeowners because they offer rates lower than a hotel. But don’t short yourself, either. Do some research and see what others in your area are charging. And always, market your home and yourself nicely to ensure that people will want to rent from you!


Weekly Rates

Going with a weekly rate is a great option if you plan on staying away for some time. Let’s say you plan on taking an extended vacation for the whole month of July. Instead of hassling with scheduling different people for a few days here and there, focus on getting a few people in for a week or two at a time. Give renters a break for reserving an entire week by discounting the rate slightly. Here’s how it works:

Let’s say someone wants to do 7 days and your daily rate is $100 a day. Instead of charging $700, you would give a 10% discount for booking for the week, and charge only $630.

Timing is Everything

Living on a golf course isn’t the only perk you have to offer renters. The secret to cashing in is getting your timing right. Does your course offer tournaments that tend to draw a large crowd? If so, schedule your vacation during those times. It’ll be ten times easier to find someone to rent from you if events happen close by. Before you plan your getaway, check out your local events calendar and see what’s going on.

Before You Hop In, Do Your Homework

Don’t place your home on a site until you know for sure it’s legit. The most popular home renting site is, but it’s not the only one. If you find a site you like, do tons of research and make sure everything is exactly what it seems.

Oh, don’t forget about housecleaning! It doesn’t hurt to pay a cleaning service to tidy up the place throughout the week and do a nice clean between guests.

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