My Block: McCalmon House Rebuild After Hurricane Ike

In this episode we take a look at the renovated, really rebuilt, McCalmon house. Our guest also shares a simple and cost effective tip for changing up your furniture from season to season without buying any new furniture.

Hurricane Ike

The McCalmon family has called Quail Valley, TX their home for the past 32 years. During that time they moved 17 times in search of the perfect home.

They had only planned to stay in their current home for two years, but in September 2008 Hurricane Ike struck.

The violent storm tore the roof off of their home, relocating it in the pool. Throughout the night, water gushed from seemingly every electrical socket, switch and crack in the home. After the storm passed, it was time to “buck up and rebuild.”

In addition to replacing the roof, they took down a kitchen wall, removed the bar between the kitchen and backyard, and raised the ceilings to create an open feel throughout the main living space.

In the living room, walls that once turned in a bit were straightened, windows were added and a built-in bookcase was added making for a great feature wall.

Fresh paint, new windows and an updated decor finished the rebuild/renovation.

Seasonal Furniture Changes

Georgia likes to change things up from season to season. That includes the furniture as well as the decor.

Slip covers allow her to easily change their entire room with very little time, money or effort.

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