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Home Décor for Every Golfer!

It’s warming up outside, which means you’re probably getting ready to do some renovating or redecorating! Here at Par 3, we love making some changes around the house, except our idea of the perfect décor is always tied to golf! If you’re a golf fanatic like us, you’ve probably searched the internet high and low for awesome golf décor ideas. Well, look no more! This month’s blog is all about how to add some really nice golf accents to your home!

Start in the Living Room

The first place you’re going to want to start is your living room. I recommend painting the walls with colors that are commonly seen in golf. The first thing that comes to my mind is a nice, cloudless sky followed by a lush, green course, white golf balls and silver clubs. If we narrow that down, we get the colors blue, green, white and silver.

Pick one color as the base for the wall paint, and then use the other three colors as accents. In my opinion, I would use green as the base for the walls, and add blue and silver in through various items: lamps, golf figurines, and coasters. Then add in golf balls encased in glass. Tie the room together with a woven rug covered in golf images and throw pillows with golfers posing.

A few great places to find the right shade of paint is Home Depot, Walmart, or any hardware store.

Golf Living Room
Golf Living Room
Source: William T. Baker

Bathroom and Bedroom Delights

Golf Towel Holders

Bathrooms are one of the easiest places to accessorize. Start with a matching set of towels, toothbrush holder, cup, bath rug, and shower curtain. Having a set will help you add in a golf theme without crowding up space with figurines and other items. Save those for the bedroom.

In your bedroom, don’t go straight for throwing a golf inspired comforter on your bed. It may come off as too much. Instead, focus on things you can put on the walls or a bookshelf. My personal favorite is a nice scenic portrait of a golfer hitting an incredibly hard shot. This will serve as inspiration for you. Also, add in a few pictures of yourself playing golf. Tie everything together with a nice golf inspired throw blanket, rug, and pillows.

Check out E-bay, Target, and Amazon for some really nice golf décor finds.

Use an Extraordinary View

If you live off the course, the windows that face the green should frame your home décor. As mentioned before, think about the colors blue, green, white, and silver. Since all golf courses are green, don’t start by painting the walls with this color. Instead, stick to white or blue. Layer in some nice golf inspired curtains and drape them to the side, making sure the view is always visible.

If your view is off the porch, stick to creating an attractive outdoor golf haven. Pick out a nice patio set, nothing too bold. I recommend adding in summer colors for an inviting feel. To tie your patio together, use a pitcher with matching cups that are golf themed and dinnerware that can be used for a quick bite after a round!

For golf décor, shop at,, and

Golf Living Room View

Looking for a new Golf Community?

Here in Quail Valley, Texas, golf is more than a way of life. We’ve got two beautiful courses to choose from and rows of unique houses on and off the green.

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