My Block: Featuring Renos with Ryan, In Laws Renovation

“Renos with Ryan” meets “My Block”

In this week’s episode, Sarah welcomes special guest Ryan Chambers from Renos with Ryan. Together they show you what 3 and a half months can get you in terms of total transformation and how to add significant value by reclaiming lost space.

Only a few months back, Ryan Chambers completely gutted and renovated a home purchased by his in-laws. It needed a lot of work.

For two years this home sat abandoned. And, with a window or two open, more than a few creatures moved in (as well as Mother Nature herself). Every room had popcorn ceilings, the attic was a mess and several rooms had floor to ceiling wood paneling.

In just three and a half months, Ryan Chambers was able to completely restore this home. He gave it a well-deserved face lift it.

He took down a wall or two to create a nice open layout. The kitchen got a modern makeover and elements from the kitchen, like the tile used for the backsplash, was used in other spaces to tie everything together.

In addition to new paint and flooring throughout and the updated kitchen, the covered patio was converted into a “three season” room.

Finally, (the change that added the most value) the attic was converted into a bonus room including storage and a dedicated AC unit.

If you’re looking to do a few renovations of your own or if you have some improvements that you’d like to share with your neighbors, drop Sarah an email at

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