My Block: Culpepper Residence ~ Quail Valley, TX

The Culpeppers took their home with strong, good bones and turned it into something truly amazing. The home is 4,300 square feet with a lot of large rooms. With a space this large, the family had the challenge of making each space reflect who the Culpeppers are at heart. Lauren and her family moved to Quail Valley in 2016, but didn’t start living in the house until the night of Thanksgiving, some two months later.

What exactly brought them to Quail Valley? The Culpeppers originally moved away from Quail Valley to build a new home in Richmond, but longed to have a piece of land with some charm and nice, big trees. They looked in Sugarland, and eventually, the family ended up back here.

Here’s a little history on the house

The Culpeppers bought it from the original owners, and the house needed a lot of work. The first thing they did was take down all the wallpaper, replace all the windows, and bring in lots of light!

What attracted the Culpeppers to the house is the beautiful yard covered in flowers and grass. It was a huge selling point. As you sit on the patio, you have an amazing view of a running stream right within reach.

Right now, Lauren has her focus on improving the master bath and the kitchen, which are usually the most expensive to renovate.

As Lauren and her husband decided on what styles to use, they opted for a modern/traditional mix. The antiques and family heirlooms blend with simple lines to give the entire place a beautiful, eclectic vibe that you still feel at home in.

Oh, and let’s talk about he master bedroom! The wall-to-floor windows give you the perfect view of the backyard!

Even though most of the homes in Quail Valley were built in the ‘70s, you don’t have to do your renovations all at once. You can move in and take on each project one room at a time.

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