My Block: Back Yard Oasis

Looking to update your backyard? Unsure how?

Big, small, odd sized, low budget, it doesn’t matter! This episode of My Block has the answers for you to create a personal backyard oasis!

Odd Shapes

In Quail Valley, the homes are custom built which can create some odd shaped back yards. The key is to look at the backyard in sections. You can create an entertainment section, a kids section and an outdoor gaming section.

Yards with Pools

Homeowners with pools can make a big change by replacing the tile around the edge of their pool. There are hundreds of options to choose from that can really make your backyard uniquely yours.

Low Budget Yards

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a great back yard. Buy a few large potted plants, lay new mulch and power wash your deck and patio furniture to make everything look fresh, clean and new.

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